I just got a phone call from Orla. She and Jenn were talking, and Jennifer asked her what sort of business should they set up. Orla said they’d start to make cookies. Then she called me :

Hi Daddy.
I’m going to be a cookie maker.
We’re going to make cookies to sell, not eat.
We’re going to take people’s money and give them cookies.
We’re going to be rich.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet mastered the finer points of marketing, because she went on :

The cookies aren’t for eating – they don’t taste good.
Bye Daddy, I’m the cookie girl.

Then Orla went and hugged Eoghan, and said :
We’re going to be rich. You can be a cookie man.

Not bad for a two and a half year old !



La Belle France

July 26, 2003 | 2 Comments

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I’m actually typing this in the airport lounge in Bordeaux, France. (On a French keyboard, which in case you didn’t know, has a different layout than US keyboards. “A” and “Q” are transposed, for example, as are a host of other letters and punctuation synbols… So that’s my excuse for any typos !)

Anyway, here I am on a Saturday afternoon in France. Why is that ? Well, for most of the past week I was travelling on business in Spain and Germany. Coincidentally, my friends from the castle this year hired a house in France instead of returning to Rosturk. And this weekend is smack in the middle of their two-week rental. So I decided to stop in for dinner on Friday night, by flying from Frankfurt to Bordeaux and driving two hours to the chateau.

It was great to see Ian and June, Kierman and Michelle, Nick and Hanelle, Breanndan and Paola, Trish and Paul, Lorraine and Paul, Tom and Sive and James. And their assorted kids…

James conducted his annual quiz (which our team, of course, won :-) and a gastronomic feast was prepared by Ian and June. All in all a great night, followed by a leisurely breakfast (cafe et croissants, of course) and a drive back to the airport. Soon I’ll board my flight to Paris, and then home to Jenn and the kids tonight ! But for now, I can keep surfing the web in the airline lounge…



The Four Year Itch

July 15, 2003 | 1 Comment

Well, it’s hard to believe but we’ve made it to July 15th 2003 – our fourth wedding anniversary. We’re off to dinner tonight, leaving Jenn’s mother Suzanne baybsitting the two holy terrors. (I hope she knows what she’s in for !)Meanwhile, it’s been hectic as usual here over the last month. Brian is just back from a two week trip – a wedding in Ireland (congrats, Brendan and Niamh), followed by a week in Connemara, with a drop-off in Achill to see Ann and Caitriona, then a week of meetings in Madrid, Valencia, Dublin and Frankfurt. It was great to get back to the family – especially as this followed on from a week of meetings in Spain in early June…Poor Jenn was left holding down the fort alone. Things went pretty well on the home front, overall – Orla’s quite the conversationalist now, ready to talk about the weather, her art, and cooking, among other things. For some bizarre reason she insists on celebrating her birthday. Every day. She’s also been modeling her ballet dress. Unfortunately, so too has Eoghan.Weather here has been fabulous, so we’ve been hanging out at the pool quite a lot. The kids adore the water and have a splashing good time with Uncle Justin.(The next big excitement will be his wedding to Carol in august; God only knows what divilment the kids will get up to there. It will be their first true public appearance and I’m sure they’ll make it a truly memorable occasion for all concerned…)