Orla is turning out to be quite the storyteller. Every night when she’s going to bed she turns to Jenn and says with a flourish
Momma, I’m going to tell you a story.

She puts on a dramatic expression, looking really scary if it’s going to be a scary story :

Once upon a time, there was a ghost, who lived in a light
(her night light)
and scared you. But my pet tiger saved you.
The end.

Some of the stories are a little more uplifting…

Once upon a time there was a blue fish, and his name was Blue Fin.
He lived in the woods with his momma.
He went home to his momma and ate some lunch.
The end.

Orla also enjoys her walks in the mornings with Eoghan and her mom.
As they stroll up the hill, Orla gives her commentary on what’s going on around them.

Listen Momma, that bird is singing us a beautiful song.
Listen Momma, the crickets are singing us a beautiful song.
Look at those beautiful berries, Momma. Are those the ones for decorating,
or the ones for eating ?
There’s the Hudson River.

Meanwhile, Eoghan’s only interest these days (apart from his food) is in his cars. He’s taken to stealing the cribs out of Orla’s doll house, and uses them as garages for his cars.