Well, we survived it – the trip with the two kids to Ireland for Christmas. We weren’t sure if we’d be able to go at all, since the kids were sick just prior to our departure. In fact, we spent the morning of the 23rd at the doctor before rushing to the airport. Orla had a terrible cold, and Eoghan came out in this really strange orange rash – which turned out to be varnish from his crib. (That’s what happens when your diaper leaks !)


The holiday got off to an auspicious start, when Eoghan threw up at the airport and Aer Lingus informed us they had given our seats away. They finally managed to squeeze us in, and we got Eoghan cleaned up, so we took to the air.


We arrived in Ireland on Christmas Eve at 5:30 in the morning, and were met by my brother who brought us to Clontarf. After a quick breakfast, we all took to our beds for a short nap. Well, for me it was short; Jenn and the kids remained in bed ’til 4PM. Needless to say, their schedules were off for the remainder of the week…


I headed in to Neary’s at lunchtime for what we figured was the 20th Christmas meeting. It was great to meet up with old friends – Peter, Liam, Frank, Peter, Dave, Jim, Seamus, John, Cathal, etc. – and have a pint to toast absent friends.


Christmas Day was spent in my sister Ann’s house, where she managed not to ruin the turkey, and Orla and Eoghan got to meet their cousins.


As Jennifer discovered, there is usually a price to pay when she ignores my advice, and in this case letting the kids sleep until the afternoon on our arrival came back to haunt her for the week; Eoghan was up every night from about 2 until about 5. In fact, he pretty much remained on an American schedule for the week.


The week had been planned to include racing at Leopardstown, trips to the Howth and Malahide, etc., but after stopping in to see the various relatives, the week just disappeared and it was 7AM on the 30th, and time to head to the airport. Fortunately we got there in time to ensure that Aer Lingus didn’t get a chance to give away our seats on the return flight.


After a seven and a half hour flight, I headed in to the office and stuck Jenn with the two hour car journey back home with a hyperactive Eoghan.


Next year we’re all going to Florida; our next trip to Ireland will be when the kids are adults !


I took a load of holiday snaps; I’ll post them tomorrow…



Christmas 2003

December 22, 2003 | Leave a Comment


Despite the recent absence of pictures from this site, life has in fact been proceeding apace. We’ve had Thanksgiving, visits from Morgan and Jennifer, among others, and just general fun with the kids.

I’ve been busy, however, with some new toys – my new Mac G5 which, after a few teething problems, is now sweet. And I also invested in a new camera, which also is sweet !

It’s taken me some time to get organised and convert pictures into jpeg format, but you can see them by clicking here.  

In the meantime, we’re off to Ireland tomorrow, for a week, and we’re looking forward to introducing Orla and Eoghan to their cousins. We’ll let you know how the trip goes… In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or, more succintly, Have A Cool Yule !