Enjoying Florida

February 18, 2004 | Leave a Comment

The kids are having a great time in Florida. Yesterday they were at the beach, and it was Orla’s first time playing in the waves. Indeed, she was the only one in swimming ’cause it was only in the 60’s (she’s clearly an Irish kid !).  She built a sandcastle, too, and decorated it with pebbles. When it came time to go home, she left it “for the crabs to live in”. Incidentally, she’s decided that she wants to be a farmer when she grows up, a farmer with horses. She’s looking forward to riding Trunket in the summer.

Of course, she also enjoyed the jacuzzi at the house, thoroughly enjoying the splashing around and playing to the audience who were clapping at her dives.

Mama, say encore, say encore“, seeking applause as she prepared to jump in again.

It’s not been all fun and games for our Orla. She’s been busy, too. At dinner yesterday, grandma asked her to teach Eoghan some new words.

Eoghan, say train.

That’s a light.

This is a glass.

This is a bottle of wine.

Between encores and bottles of wine, this is going to be one sophisticated lady when she grows up !



Florida !

February 16, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Jenn and the kids are enjoying warm weather at last. No, not in Rhinebeck, where right now at 9:30 on a monday morning it’s 10°F (-12°C). Instead, they’re down in Florida, on a three week holiday to recover from the snow and ice they’ve experienced all winter.

They travelled down with Jenn’s parents, and Orla was delighted to be sitting next to her Grandma, in a window seat. The flying didn’t faze her at all :

“Are you okay, Grandma ? We’re goin’ to blast off !

We’re blasting off !”

As they reached their destination, Jenn was trying to get Eoghan to sit down. Orla reassured her :

“Eoghan can stand up. It’s okay Momma, we’ve landed.

I’m okay. You okay, Grandma ?”

Both kids (and their Mom) were delighted to be in the warm weather, and wasted no time in getting into the pool. Later on, Orla (who truly is becoming quite the conversationalist) spoke to me on the phone :

“Hi Daddy, I’m not in the pool now because I’ve been swimming already.

I saw a lizard. It was black.

I’m going to see an alligator with Uncle Kris. We’re going to the zoo,

and we’re going to see goats and lions. We have to stay away from the elephants in case we get chickenpox.”

I’ve no idea what the elephant reference is. Perhaps I’ll find out next weekend, when I get down there myself…



Life here is getting crazier and crazier. The latest additions to the menagerie are Orla’s two fish, Dennis and Blacktail. She is so obsessed with them that she insists they live with her in her bedroom. When she’s up, during the day, she carries them around with her everywhere in a little bowl. Jennifer has to turn the TV around so that the fish can see the programs, too.

Both the kids are excited about going to Florida on Saturday for three weeks to see their cousins. (We’re hoping to leave the fish behind !) They’ll go to the zoo for the first time, on Monday. Orla wants to see the elephants, which is probably appropriate since Trunket (both a stuffed animal, and a steel elephant on Nantucket) is her favorite animal.

Eoghan has really taken to Henry, our bulldog, and takes her out to the garden for walks now. Meanwhile, since Orla doesn’t like to share her fish, and Eoghan likes to spill them on the floor, Jenn got him a plastic turtle ! And his first sentence ? He emerged from his room yesterday, to announce

I see turtle !



Turning Japanese

February 3, 2004 | Leave a Comment

Well, Brian did make it home from Japan and discovered the snow storm to be much smaller than the over-excited weather men predicted. Orla was thrilled with her new kimono — which included a lot of purple — still her absolutely favorite color!  And Eoghan was delighted with his race cars. He loves cars! He has kept them in good shape and has taken much better care of them than his daddy did of his truck.


In a hurry to get out of our driveway he sideswiped his door on a tree. I had flash backs of when we were dating and he drove my mom for the first time — managing to take off a rental car’s side mirror on a construction cone which I pointed out he might be getting a little too close to (Brian of course dismissed my warnings with a cavalier sneer, before events justified my concern :-)


Despite his occasional grumpiness, we are all glad he has returned ! The kids love helping cook his breakfast and tea and fight over who gets to carry it up to his bed.  Orla is becoming so grown up and is now able to tell me when she is having a “busy”, “bad”, or “good” day. She is a regular little chatter box at night before bed time. It is only when I threaten to not let her eat any more cookies because the sugar keeps her awake that she agrees to go to sleep. She has her grandmother’s sweet tooth.


Eoghan hasn’t been sleeping on his normal schedule since our trip to Ireland. But he seems to be getting closer to letting his mom get her required sleep !