April update

April 25, 2004 | Leave a Comment

The kids have been sick the last few days; they picked up a nasty bug at their gymnastics class, but are getting over it. They’ve enjoyed their trips to story hour at the local library, too – they both have library cards now !

Orla is learning about her prayers, and her letters. You can always go to Jenn’s site to check on their progress.

Eoghan continues to be obsessed with trains and cars, but he’s been picking up a few new words, and now knows his colours.  Both kids are now computer addicts; Orla can use the mouse, and Eoghan’s favourite site of course has cars. They’re obviously following in their daddy’s footsteps, and will soon be running their own websites.

Daddy, meanwhile, was in Ireland last Sunday (just for the day) for his dad’s 80th birthday party. This was great fun for all concerned. We’ll post some pictures later. Next week, he’s off to brand cattle in Wyoming for a couple of weeks. He’s clearly experiencing his mid-life crisis.



Orla was talking to her uncle Justin on the phone yesterday.

I’m a zebra, and Eoghan is a zebra announced Orla.

Is Mommy anything ? asked Justin.

Orla replied : No, she’s just a mom. All she does is wash the dishes. 




April 10, 2004 | Leave a Comment

easterbunny.jpgOrla and the Easter Bunny

On Good Friday night, Jenn and I also went to see The Passion which we both enjoyed. The kids, meanwhile, stayed home; Eoghan was in bed and Orla spent the time painting Easter Eggs.

We’re having a great Easter weekend here, with plenty of equestrian activities. On Good Friday, Orla went riding her pony Trunket at Southlands. Then on Saturday, I went riding on my horse, Marengo, and afterwards there was an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Orla and Eoghan had a wonderful time, and managed to restrict themselves to the limit of 8 eggs per kid. Orla had an absolute blast at the pony rides; we had to drag her away after two. (She loves her pony Trunket, but she’s only about 10 hands and Orla already has her sights set on something bigger…)

The pics are here!