Summer Daze

August 30, 2004 | Leave a Comment

sailing.jpgClick here for pictures from our river cruise.

It’s been a very busy time here at An Grianan recently. The past few weeks have seen the kids at Orla’s first pony show, boating on the Hudson river, and checking out the tigers and other attractions at the Dutchess County Fair.

As can be seen from the few pictures posted previously, Orla had a smashing time at her equestrian debut. Riding Trunket, her shetland, she competed in the lead line class, and insisted on wearing her full uniform in the 90o heat, even though jackets weren’t required. Grandma walked around the course with her, with Jenn acting as photographer. Orla was delighted to get her first show ribbons.

Last weekend saw the arrival of Lee’s trawler, the Sea Lyon, and with the weather continuing to be absolutely perfect we all took the opportunity to go for a cruise up the river. I was glad that on the calm river my sea-sickness didn ‘t flare up, and we were all glad that Lee (despite nearly taking out the bow of the neighboring yacht upon our departure) managed to avoid all icebergs and assorted perils and acquitted himself admirably in his nautical duties. We’ll have to get him a captain’s hat for Christmas.

This past week saw Jenn and the kids visit our local county fair. Orla and Eoghan had their picture taken with a baby tiger, and rode a camel and ponies. Orla wanted to go on the elephant, but Jenn wouldn’t let her anywhere near it, having heard too many stories of elephants going psycho at circuses.

The kids are both turning into dare devils, begging their mom to go on the roller coasters and ferris wheels. Jenn negotiated a compromise with them and everyone was happy on the kid sized rides. Besides spending a small fortune on overpriced food and rides, a great time was had by all. I didn’t complain too much about Jenn spending the money so long as I didn’t get dragged into the chaotic crowds.

Finally, this weekend saw us take it easy with a few trips to the pool to stay relatively cool despite the unseasonably hot weather.

Orla is looking forward to starting yoga in the fall. I haven’t been asked for my opinion, but I guess it’s exercise, right ? (Jenn tries to convince me that she’ll be a trendy little kid, since all the city kids take yoga).




orla_1.jpgOrla appeared in her first horse show on Friday, at Southlands.