October has seen an anniversary, of sorts. September 1994 saw me in Dublin, hitting 30. October 1994 saw me in New York.

It’s been quite a journey over the last 10 years. Dublin to New York, with a lot of sightseeing, vacation and business trips on the way. And some personal business…

Key West. Hong Kong. Bogota. Boise. Seville. Acapulco. Frankfurt. Tokyo. London. Dublin. Vienna. Killarney. Cannes. Buffalo. Los Angeles. And many more.

These ten years have produced a veritable scrapbook of memories… Flying to Hollywood, just for dinner. Having the golf course to ourselves on Thanksgiving afternoon in Philadelphia. Seeing the Grateful Dead at their last concert in The Garden. Fourth Of July fireworks from a rooftop in Boston. And from a cruiser in Nantucket. Horse races in Happy Valley. And pre-Cheltenham dinners in Stephen’s Green. New Year’s Eve in Clifden. And Rhinebeck. Sept 11th in Zurich.

New friends… Russian. Mexican. Turkish. Pakistani. Chinese. Irish. American. French. Japanese. South African.

Dinners spectacular and intimate. Superb wine. And unadulterated plonk. Dinner with 160 in Kilkea at the start of our honeymoon. Cooking dinner for 20 in Rosturk a few days later. And a 9 course gourmet extravaganza to end it. And the dinner that started it, at The River Cafe, where I presented Jenn with her four carat engagement ring – that cost $1.49. (It was made of plastic).

Discovering some favourite restaurants and hotels. The Cashel House Hotel. Panna 2. Firebird. Chateau Frontenac. And some with particular significance – The Benson, Dromoland, The Carlton.

Dinner parties in Tudor City. Followed by sessions in The Scratcher and Swift. A mid-summer party that can only be described as Elysian. Irish breakfasts in St. Dymphna’s. The inaugural Prague St. Patrick’s Day parade. Pierre, the famous French fighter pilot.

Gin and Tonic’s at the Bryant Park film festival. Stiff Little Fingers and The The at Irving Plaza. Frank Patterson at the United Nations. Concern Ball at Windows On The World.

My first apartment. My first pick-up truck. My first wife ! And, of course, our two kids. Getting paged by colleagues while in the delivery room. Both times.

Many of the these memories are great ones, such as watching more than a few friends settle down, tie the knot, and produce kids. And other memories not so joyous, but just as inevitable – more than one funeral, many of them marking seismic shifts in our lives.

We’re not the same people we were yesterday or that we will be tomorrow. But, so far at least, I think I can say that it’s been a worthwhile journey !