February 7, 2005 | Leave a Comment

The kids are getting older all the time. Eoghan hit the big three a few weeks ago. He’s a man of modest tastes – all he wanted was a Thomas train, and a cake ! We celebrated with a pizza party with family.

He is enrolled in his first class, taking Music and Movement with his sister. (He actually attends Ballet with Orla, as well, but his Daddy is somewhat relieved that he has gotten over his short-lived fascination with tutus…). Like his big sister he loves animals, and his favourite game to play with her now is “Horse Hooley”. Like all men, the way to his heart is through his stomach – he’ll do anything for a popsicle, his favourite food.

Orla, meanwhile, has developed her first real person crush. (Previously, she had a crush on the cartoon character “Mikey”, from “Recess”). Now her favourite show is “Venom, E.R.” (on Animal Planet) that she watches religiously. She informed Jenn, rather bashfully, that her favourite star’s name is Dr. Sean Bush. We hope that this is a sign that as she gets older her taste will run more to doctors than to snake-handlers…