Eoghan and Orla are enjoying the spring weather. Early to rise, they’re always excited to start the day by going hunting for worms in our garden that they helped Jenn to plant. They have discovered that turning over stones is the best way to find our garden critters, including worms, centipedes, spiders and ants.They’ve started catching the worms and keeping them in containers in the kitchen. Orla has named
hers “Crawley”, which she says is a boy’s name. Eoghan calls his Carson, as he calls all his pets and stuffed animals. Oh well, at least they’re cheap pets :-)

The homeschooling continues to go well. The kids have written reports on their “observations” and “identifications” – we like to use big words, and Orla loves to learn them – and have drawn illustrations. Orla loves maths and reading, but she isn’t so crazy about the worksheets that involve pasting. She doesn’t like the sticky glue.

Since spring has arrived, Jenn bought the kids sandals. Orla likes pink, girlie, princess everything now, her favorite being Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She picked out a pair of pink shoes. Meanwhile, Eoghan clings to his old smelly sneakers (he refuses to wear socks) so Jenn picked out
some sandals for him. She keeps trying to persuade him to wear his new ones. He still refuses and now counters her suggestion that his shoes are a bit pungent (to say the least) by waking up in the morning, smelling his shoes and proclaiming
Smells good. Smells like cheese. Yum.
Of course, it is true that the boy likes gruyere cheese (much to his mom’s surprise) and his shoes do in fact smell very similar. You might remember that next time you’re tempted to enjoy a cheese plate…

Orla has taken up violin lessons. Her first piece to practice is “Mississippi Hot Dog”. We’ll have to see how it goes. Eoghan continues to like story hour at the library the best. Both kids were thrilled to discover that they can now check-out stuffed animals.

Their afternoons are often spent at the playground, where Orla proudly tells everyone she has 3 boyfriends ! (I guess one ain’t enough !) Uh oh! We’re starting to get a little nervous, as we fear it’s an early glimpse of the teenage years :-) Eoghan hasn’t yet discovered the fairer sex; his favorite thing (for now) is a rocket ship, and he loves stars, so perhaps he’s a future astronaut…