September 12, 2005 | Leave a Comment

Orla celebrated her fifth birthday in Nantucket, with a party at The White Elephant. She was thrilled to be there, taking a proprietorial interest in “Trunket”, the mascot that she named two years ago.Jenn and the kids spent a week on the island, along with Justin and Carol, and Sue and Beth – and a plague of mosquitoes, which was rather annoying. Still, Jenn and I had a great time, and we managed to have a couple of nights off to visit two of our favourite restaurants…

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine in Dublin – I made a flying visit this weekend, arriving in on Sat morning and leaving again on Sunday evening. (Aer Lingus finally have a useful flight, that lets you get pretty much a full day in before leaving). Kierman and I met up for a few beers in the Stag’s Head which, despite the recent change of ownership, is basically unchanged for the past 20 years.
I also did the family thing, catching up with my nephews and nieces, and making it to a family birthday celebration.