Winter Wonderland

January 22, 2006 | Leave a Comment

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As usual, it’s been a busy few weeks. First we had to survive New Year, which in the end was pretty easy. I treated Jenn to a sampling of my culinary skills, and she was suitably impressed – chicken provencale, broccoli and ricotta canneloni, beef bourgogne and roast chicken tarragon with mushroom stuffing - though not all at the same time !

We celebrated Eoghan’s birthday with a party at Gigi’s in Rhinebeck. It was a great success – the kids enjoyed pinning the tail on the donkey, and hot potato. Out of consideration for her husband Jenn kept it to six well-behaved kids, with plenty of wine – for the adults, that is. Eoghan was delighted and had a huge smile on his face all day, and was thrilled to get hammers and screwdrivers and all sorts of tools as presents.

Orla, meanwhile, has been coming to grips with the whole notion of dating. She informed Jennifer that she would soon have to start going on dates so that she could find a husband. Jennifer reassured her that there was plenty of time, and that she wouldn’t have to start dating until she was at least sixteen.
Orla pointed out that she would have to date a lot of guys, so that she be able to find the right one.
How will I know who is the right one, she asked Jennifer.
I’ll have to go on dates with a lot of guys until I meet the one who gives me the right ring.
When Jenn asked her what the right ring was, Orla described it
A pink sapphire, surrounded by diamonds. And the boy has to have beach blond hair !

(We’re not quite sure what beach blond hair is…)

Meanwhile , Orla is turning out to be more and more like her father. Jenn was a little slow in getting the dinner served yesterday, and as a result learned that Orla has now discovered sarcasm :
Mom, she said with a scowl, I really like waiting for my dinner !