We’ve had a relatively quiet couple of weeks. Jenn’s folks were in town last week, trying to decide if they want to move back. We had a variety of friends over, as well, and generally tried to take it easy.This weekend we took the kids to Millbrook School’s Trevor Zoo. They had fun checking out the bobcat, emus, lizards, lemurs, etc. Jenn’s favourite were the red pandas, with the wolves and foxes a close second. Eoghan liked the rabbit (apparently undisturbed to learn that they are coprophrageous…)

Orla, meanwhile, was enthralled by the chinchillas and decided that she wanted to buy one. Ever the environmentalists (honestly !), we picked up a few stickers that were provided by the zoo for the kids to place under their light switches to remind them to turn off their lights when not in use. Believing that it’s never too early to start teaching the kids some simple economic facts of life, I pointed out to Orla that in order to buy a chinchilla, we’d have to save our pennies and so be careful to extinguish any lights that we don’t need. After all, electricity costs money.

Fast forward to today. This morning, Orla turned out a light in the kitchen, but Jenn paid no heed to it. This afternoon, Jenn and the kids were in the kitchen when Orla noticed the lights were on, clearly somewhat earlier than absolutely required.

Goddamit, snapped Orla, and turned out the light. She explained to a horrified Jenn that we would not be able to afford a chinchilla if we wasted money on lights.

I thought this was hilarious when Jenn called to remonstrate with me for my indiscriminate use of language. Obviously, Orla had picked up the alternative to “Gosh, darn it !” from me.

Personally, I thought that Jenn might be getting just a little bit excited about what is, after all, a perfectly reasonable expression to use when one is frustrated…

Jenn went on, however, to inform me that when they were in the car earlier today, Orla asked her:
Mom, does Dad call everyone who drives in front of him a d**khead ?

I guess I need to watch my mouth in front of the kids !