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Orla had a great time at the horse show this weekend. Jenn and herself spent the week organising her outfit; Orla insisted on trying out a multitude of combinations before she hit on the one that worked for her. She also had Jennifer do her hair up in a French braid; which wasn’t easy, because Orla’s hair is still fairly short.

In any event, we got the crew out the door in plenty of time for the show. After we signed her in, Orla took one look at the pony she was assigned (Martha, a brown one), and got very quiet as Jenn lifted her up. When we noticed how silent she was being, Jenn said to me that Orla must be miffed that she’s not on the white pony. Still, she cheered up and enjoyed the show. While she has started to trot and steer, in the last week, for the show all the youngsters were on lead line. Fortunately the judge was kid-savvy, and knew to award all entrants a ribbon. Otherwise Orla would have been mightily annoyed if she didn’t win. Afterwards, Orla and Martha posed for pictures.
That night, Orla confessed to Jennifer :

Mamma, I have a secret. I was very angry at the show when I was given the brown pony. But then I was glad that I got Martha, because the other ponies didn’t pose for pictures.

Orla, forever wanting to be star !

The rest of the long weekend was relatively uneventful. We picked out a hottub for our courtyard, and then because of the ugly, sticky weather (hitting 90F) Jenn and the kids spent Sunday and Monday afternoons at the local pool club. I even put in an appearance, realizing with some relief that beside the pool it felt a good ten degrees cooler than in our garden.

Incidentally, we discovered that Eoghan is not very politically correct. He made a friend at the pool, an African-American youngster called Henry. Later, Eoghan was telling Jenn about him.

Who’s Henry, asked Jenn.

That little brown guy over there, replied Eoghan…



No Hands !

May 24, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Yesterday was a red letter day for Orla. After her trotting debut last week, when riding on a lead line, yesterday she went off the lead line for the first time. And boy she enjoyed it !Meanwhile, she’s continuing with T-Ball and karate. Eoghan is content to watch, although he surprised us when he joined her at a theatre workshop on Sat afternoon and really got into it…

Last night a few friends and I had dinner at Smith and Wollenskys in the city. It ended up being an expensive night for one of the guests – she was bringing home a few bottles of wine that she had recently purchased when someone running up the street outside her apartment bumped into her and caused her to drop the box. Two bottles broke. $1,000 literally down the drain. Ouch.



Went to see Seamus Heaney read last night, at the 92nd Street Y in NYC. His reading coincided with the publication of his new collection District and Circle.Seamus, Ivana and I bumped into him on the street outside the Y, where Seamus Mc reminded Famous Seamus of the time the latter saved the former from a hiding at St. Columb’s in Derry…

The actual reading was mesmerising; Heaney read first from the earliest works in his oeuvre in Death Of A Naturalist, including Mid-Term Break, continuing down through the forty years before delving into District and Circle and ending with The Blackbird of Glanmore.

His introductions to the poems were particularly enlightening, and allowed us to see how he was, with the maturity of years, revisiting the themes of his earlier work. This was manifest, for example, in the Blackbird of Glanmore which contains an allusion to the ill omen that portended the loss of his brother.

His early poetry is wonderfully evocative of his time and place, resonating with vivid imagery and a masterful use of language. District and Circle is full of the same lyrical qualities.

It was a wonderful, special night.



This past weekend saw us visiting Carol’s school in Millbrook, for their annuual Spring Fair. The kids had a wonderful time on the slides, having their faces painted, and eating candy floss. Eoghan in particular was very proud of himself on the slides, making sure we watched his progress.Orla had her first T-Ball game on Saturday, and impressed us by far she was able to wallop the ball. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and was very proud as she showed off her team uniform.

Jenn and the kids have been having fun building fairy houses; our garden is full of them now. Meanwhile, the kids are thrilled that Grandma is buying a house across the street so they’ll be able to visit her more often.

Last night saw my third wine dinner in two weeks; last night’s was a 96 Bordeaux vertical, following on from a 75 Yquem night and a Lafite vertical.