Today was a significant day in Eoghan’s life – he took control of the TV remote control ! Jenn showed him how to change the channel, and he proceeded to channel surf until he found his favourite cartoons. (Although the accompanying beer will have to wait a few more years…)Meanwhile, Orla continues to lose teeth. Yesterday she swallowed one as she was eating her cereal. I was going to warn her that if she swallows too many that they will start to eat their way out from her tummy, but Jenn suggested it would be better if I didn’t freak her out…



Orla’s new favourite video game is My Fantasy Wedding. The game is set in two floors of a shopping mall, where the player gets to prepare for a wedding. Orla, being true to her middle name (Imelda) insisted on always going to the shoe store first. (Incidentally, her penchant for shoes carries over to real life, as well!)Her second favourite activity in the game is choosing the groom. She consistently chose the blond – perhaps a predictor of the future. Eoghan, meanwhile, lent a hand by choosing the outfits for the groom to wear. Jenn was at least relieved that all of Orla’s choices were tasteful. The commentator in the game was impressed too – the Wedding Planner, who gushes with a Barbi-esque voice, “What a hottie” Orla’s prospective groom is, and “Oh my gosh, that’s a big ring !”.

The Wedding Planner also educates Orla on the finer points of planning a wedding, by reminding her to carefully decide on her bridesmaids, for any changes in the future may cause a catfight. There’s even a screaming mother to round out the party – if the bride is dithering too much, the mother reminds the bride that the parents are the ones paying for this darn wedding anyway, and all decisions should be their’s to make… Scary (true-to-life ?) software for young women !