A recurring theme here is tempus fugit – which is basically another way of saying that I’ve been remiss in updating this site… So, here goes…It’s been a busy summer. There was of course a trip over to Ireland in June for a family funeral. That was, in some ways, a surreal experience due to the dichotomy of the private and public natures of the occasion. In any event, between the music, poetry and speeches it was a great send-off.

We had a nice trip over to Millbrook for the Fitch’s Corner Horse Trials to see Sue’s cousin Michelle riding. The kids were thrilled to see her Irish horse, with a fan in his stall to keep him cool, and to learn that Michelle won her competition ! Unfortunately she also broke an ankle, but we hope she makes a speedy recovery. Dinner that night was made all the more romantic for the kids when the lights in the restaurant went out due to a power failure.

The kids, not surprisingly, continue to grow. Indeed, with Orla rapidly approaching the big s-i-x, the clamors for a birthday party with her friends grew ever louder. Jenn planned a party for the local swim club so that Orla could have her little friends there; her main party will probably be in Nantucket, home to Trunket…(regular readers of this blog will, of course, understand the reference). The party was lots of fun for all (the kids) concerned. I didn’t get too sunburnt…

Later that day, after the party, I drove to Ithaca and the Finger Lakes for Patrick K’s wedding. While the trip there was a pain in the ass (Friday rush hour traffic and ignoring Mapquest directions causing me to take two hours to travel thirty miles), the wedding was great fun. After the dinner on Sat afternoon at Taughannock Falls, Patrick had arranged a picnic on the park on beautiful Cayuga Lake. There, his nephews and nieces played volleyball with their aunts and uncles. I was happy to observe from the tent… It was a fantastic afternoon in a beautifully tranquil setting; the first family get together in years, I’m sure it was an afternoon the youngsters will never forget.

I drove back later that night (managing to keep my speed under 90 most of the way) so that we could spend Sunday morning together before Jenn and the kids left on their trip to Boston. They’ve been having a great time there – Orla got to drive the Duck Boat Tour and was delighted with herself. Today, they spent the day in Salem where Jenn introduced the kids to the history of their great-great-[insert an arbitrary number of great’s]-great step-grandmother, Bridget Bishop (Jenn has the family tree to prove the direct link). At the re-enactment of the trial later, Orla was the only hold-out seeking acquital, as she couldn’t sentence her own relative to death…

The summer has seen a number of wine dinners here in NY, including last night at Daisy May’s BBQ where we had, of all things, a Burgundy tasting. Food was great but perhaps better suited to a beer fest !

I’ll post pictures in a few weeks when the family return from Nantucket – stay tuned.