We’ve all been busy adjusting to the new addition to our family. Orla and Eoghan have been having lots of fun helping Jenn babysit Conall. Orla was delighted to be grossed out by his first poopy diaper ! Eoghan is glad there are more boys in the family and informs Jenn that he wants five ! Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to having a few pints in Neary’s with the three kids in years to come.

Everyone who meets Conall is stunned at his size – at five weeks he’s already outgrowing clothes for three-month olds, and has the fists of a boxer. I’m wagering he’ll be at least six feet four !

We had his Christening in New York yesterday. It was a very intimate occasion at St. Agnes (famous, among other events, for being where Eamon De Valera was baptized) with just our family, Sue, Seamus and Ivana, and Anthony our press-ganged photographer. Jenn has pictures up on her site.

Apart from getting used to Conall Brogan, I’ve been busy erecting various antennas around the house, much to Jenn’s bemusement.

Last week we took the kids fishing, to a Trout Derby at a local rod and gun club. We all had a blast, Orla in particular being very proud of her skill with the rod – although a little ticked at the one that got away… We’re looking forward to getting some more fishing in before too long…