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So it’s the same old refrain around here – where does the time go ? It’s been rushing along, and we’ve been following along merrily in its tracks…

As you might infer from the photos I posted recently, the kids have been busy with a pony show, checking the koi fish out at one of the local farms, and playing in the garden. Jenn has kept them busy with pet mice, and searching for snakes, bugs and other insects around the house. Eoghan is very proud of his collection of unspeakable bugs; the kids are also very interested in the progress of a nest of birds eggs in our breezeway. They had great fun checking out the animals in the Petting Zoo that came on its annual trip to our local library. Fortunately they didn’t manage to bring home the ferret that was orla’s favourite. 

Conall is busy taking it all in, and delighting his two older siblings with his poopy diapers and the bubbles he blows… He loves to watch us all, and was enthralled watching us toast marshmallows over a candle. (I got impatient and used a butane torch).


We’ve also made time to meet up with cousins from far and wide. Following in the footsteps of Roisin and Phil we had Ashlea and her family back in the city for the first time in nigh on twenty years; they were here for Jonathan’s graduation. We had a smashing, though all too short, night out with Barbara, Seamus and Ivana. We’re hoping it won’t be another twenty years before they return…

Close on their heels saw the arrival of John Anthony and Ruth from Portland Maine; we managed to catch up for dinner on Friday night, with Jackie and Dean and Jennifer. We’re hoping that when we make it up to Boston in August to meet Darach and the family that we might all meet up there…

Town is crowded now, with the usual assortment of summer tourists coming in. The Farmers’ Market is open, so the kids drag us there every week to buy flowers and cherries and other assorted goodies. There’s a new Thai restaurant, as well – something previously sorely lacking – which we tried and enjoyed, and Orla and Eoghan were delighted to meet the owners’ son with whom they love to play tag.

The kids have really been enjoying the local swim club as well, which is now open for the summer. Orla has been having a grand time meeting up with all her old friends, and Eoghan is taking to the pool like a duck to – well, you know. His babysitter Jenna taught him how to dive in from the diving board, and he’s now very proud of himself.

Despite everything we survived the weekend; Jenn was half convinced that we would all have food poisoning today as we had a beef stew on Saturday and a chicken casserole on Sunday. Nothing too unusual in that, except that I cooked both dishes using a solar oven in the back yard. Actually, both turned out great, with the kids declaring themselves huge fans of cooking with the sun. Although Eoghan did have to remonstrate with me for burning some peas…

Meanwhile, Jenn is a nervous wreck – both Orla and Eoghan have started the first of their summer camps, at Southlands (Orla in a pony camp and Eoghan in a 4H nature camp). Today was the first day she dropped both of them off, and was pretty much all alone with Conall. The house was quiet for the first time in years !



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Poor Conall had his shots today – three of them. He was not a happy camper after the tetanus one – right now his leg is red and he’s letting us know he’s ticked off. On the other hand, he’s doing well – he’s 16lbs and is in the 97th percentile. He’ll be a football player !

Meanwhile, the other two kids had a pony show on Saturday, and they both got ribbons (I’ll post pictures here in a few days). And today they had their first class at the Young Chef school. As Jenn says, if Orla keeps it up, she’ll be able to take great care of me in a couple of years !