Last weekend saw me head to Newport, RI for Casie’s wedding. It was a fun event, with the rehearsal dinner being a clambake at Frank’s house; the wedding itself was in Newport, at the old Astor mansion. I think I could have lived there, under duress… Anyway, wedding was fun and I took lots of pictures – now all I have to do is process them !

The kids had fun this week as their summer camps continued. This time, Orla and Eoghan did one together, a nature camp at Southlands, although as Library class has started up again Orla took time out to head there one morning. They were both thrilled at the arrival of Dana and Madison from Florida on Thursday; as you might expect, no-one got any sleep on Thursday night. The visitors are in town for Carol’s baby shower today; I decided to give that a miss and headed for Boston for the night, to meet up with Sue and Justin, and visit Lee.