November 15, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Last week saw the end of the kids’ soccer season. They had a great time, and were pleased to get their medals. Conall, meantime, had his own achievement recently – he started to crawl, and is now able to pull himself up in his crib and onto kitchen chairs. He seems to be desperate to walk; I don’t think we’ll be waiting long…

Last weekend we had a visit from Francesca and her boyfriend Martin, who were in town for the New York marathon. They came up to us on Monday, and we had a lot of fun showing them around the area. They also came out letter boxing with us. This is a fun activity – a sort of cross between treasure-hunting and orienteering – that Orla and Eoghan have fun doing.

This weekend it cooled way down, a sign that winter is rapidly approaching. The kids are fighting colds, and getting ready for Thanksgiving. They’ve been learning all about the Mayflower, although I’ve been pointing out to Jenn that she needs to teach the kids about St. Brendan the Navigator, who was here eight hundred years before those Pilgrims…