January 2, 2008 | Leave a Comment

While I wasn’t able to make it over to Neary’s for the traditional Christmas Eve drinks in Dublin, I did manage to get there on the Friday 28th. After breakfast with Mary and the kids, I stopped off with Ian and June for a few snorts of Middleton’s, before heading with Dave to Leopardstown for the races. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side, and we had a reprise of the ‘Master Of Paris’ debacle – not a single winner.We had better luck grabbing a cab in the downpour that dampened whatever was left of our spirits, and headed off to a hostelry in Dun Laoghaire to ease the pain of our losses. After a couple of pints, we repaired to Dave’s house where he and Nicola cooked dinner for us and the three girls.

Saturday saw me, after a leisurely breakfast with Mary and Liam, head off for lunch with some of the gang from Lake, John, Tom and Paddy. We spent a great three hours over food and beers, catching up, before it was back to Clontarf with me. Had a brief visit with Niall and Maria, before heading to the Castle. Met up with Frank for a few beers, as well as Peter and Barbara, and Dave and Rachel. Despite the fact that the others, with family responsibilities, had to leave around closing time, I discovered a seisiun in the bar so managed to make a night of it…

Sunday was relatively quiet, revolving around dinner with Ann and Tom, and we had a family get together afterwards.

Monday morning saw my return to cold NY, where we had seven inches of snow on New Year’s Day. What a start to the new year..