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A Night At The OperaFour cousins met for a night at the opera yesterday. Barbara, Seamus , Charlie and myself met for The Metropolitan Opera’s staging of Carmen. We hadn’t caught up with Charlie in quite a while, so it was a fun night, and we managed not to fall asleep through the three and a half hour show.



Boston Weekend

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kidshats.jpg┬áJenn and Suzanne took the kids to Boston this weekend. As usual, they’ve been having a great time. They love going to the Aquarium, and looking at the boats in the harbor. This time, they made a day trip up to Newburyport, about 45 minutes north, to check it out. The kids loved being on the beach, but with temperatures right at freezing they didn’t venture in for a swim ! They ran to the water’s edge, and then tried (not always successfully) to run away again from the waves without getting soaked.Eoghan, whose new thing is pirates, found some gold pirate coins at a local store, so he was delighted with himself. Meanwhile, he and Conall are becoming partners in crime. They have great fun together causing mischief. I’m worried about the next ten or twenty years…



Jenn was watching some Presidential candidates debate last night. Orla, who was watching with her, turned to her and said “You and Dad should both run for President”.

“Who would you vote for ?”, Jenn asked her.


“Oh, why would you vote for Dad over me”, she asked.

“Because Dad is Irish. And I like everything Irish – Irish cookies, Irish candy and Irish dogs. Maybe if you got to be a little more Irish, Mom, I’d vote for you”.



Hello world!

February 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

Welcome to the new site. The service provided by the last company (www.adthosting.com) deteriorated to an unacceptable level. When the site got hacked, it was time to move…

I’ll migrate most of the posts from the prior site over to this one, and the photos etc. So stay tuned.