As usual, when one kid in our house gets sick, we all do. First Orla, then Eoghan, Conall, Jenn and I successively picked up a nasty stomach bug that, fortunately, we’re over now. It didn’t bother us too much over the Memorial Day weekend, though; Jenn took the kids fishing again and once more they caught fish – they’re better anglers than their Dad.

Eoghan the entrepreneurShe also took them to a garage sale that Justin was holding at his house in Rhinecliff, where she discovered that Eoghan is already showing an aptitude for high finance. He went up to Justin’s table, where he purchased a number of toys from him, bargaining him down to 25 cents apiece. He then set up his own table, and put the items up for sale, marked at a dollar each. He’s already figured out to buy low and sell high !

Orla took part in the Rhinebeck parade alongside her friends from Southlands, while the rest of us watched from the sidelines.

She’s been spending quite a bit of time at Southlands, recently, what with her pony rides, Saddle Club, and generally checking out where she wants her new pony to be ensconced. We identified a likely candidate for her that we found in South Carolina; we’re sending it to New Hampshire where we can check it out before bringing it home.

Conall HyannisOne benefit of NH is that Jenn and the kids can see it on their way home from Nantucket next week. Right now they’re in Hyannis for a couple of nights, and head out to the island on Saturday. Among other things, they’ll be cheering on Justin and friends in the Nantucket Ironman race…

Conall and Orla

The kids should enjoy their week out there; already, Conall is quickly developing a liking for the seaside. Orla will he able to show him Trunket, the elephant she named at The White Elephant, and Eoghan can bring him to The Juice Guys…



A big splash

May 20, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Look at meConall has taken to the hot tub like the proverbial fish to water. He goes crazy when he sees anyone in it, making it very clear that he wants to join in the fun. He loves being in with his big siblings, splashing around with them.

They all had fun this weekend; first, Jenn took them to a childrens’ fair at the local fairgrounds, where they saw 4H exhibits, and where Orla helped out on the stand for Southlands, advertising to other kids.

Jenn then took them across the street to Norrie Park Environmental Center, on the Hudson River, where the staff showed the kids how to use a net to examine the aquatic life in the river, and how to fish. They had a blast, particularly Eoghan as he was the first kid to catch a fish. Orla, not to be outdone, was close behind. They’re all kitted out now with their own fishing rods, and are continually badgering us to take them fishing…



Jenn was stunned by Conall (or The Conallator, as we call him) this morning. She had left him in the kitchen on his trike, while she was cooking up an Irish breakfast for us. Obviously he wasn’t prepared to wait for her – he wanted his breakfast now, God dammit ! She turned around to discover that he had dismounted from his trike, clambered up a chair and onto the kitchen table, crawled over to a box of doughnuts, opened the box, grabbed one, and let himself back down onto the floor where she found him standing by his toys, munching on the doughnut. Not bad for a kid that won’t even be fourteen months for another few days.
It’s good to see that when he gets older he’ll be able to fend for himself !



ConallBikeConall is getting more mobile every day. He’s now walking, and so there’s no stopping him. He’s getting into everything, and pulling the house asunder. He actually took his time starting to walk, even though he’s been able to take a couple of steps for the past few months. But he started this weekend in earnest, and is very steady on his feet.Kids BikesHe’s a real outdoorsy guy, and loves to be playing in the sandbox or chasing after the other kids. And now that Jenn dug out Orla’s old push-trike for him, he’s ecstatic…On Mothers’ Day, he had great fun with the other two as they rode their bikes at Justin’s house.Snake repellentWith the weather getting better, lots of things have been happening in the garden. The kids have been spending a lot more time out there, and it didn’t take them long to discover…snakes ! They’re definitely not planning on becoming herpetologists, and so have been liberally dousing various parts of the garden with snake repellent. Unfortunately, the main ingredient seems to be garlic, so the place smells like a bad Italian restaurant…Greek statueThe kids have also been learning all about Ancient Greece, and the exploits of Zeus, and Hermes, and Hera, etc. So Orla was delighted when, as she flew her kite at Mills Mansion, Jenn informed her that the mansion was in the Greek Revival style, and that there was an “ancient” statue on the ground !Orla statueSpeaking of statues, we have a new addition to our menagerie. And fortunately this one, at least, can’t die – it’s a statue ! Orla loves it, and has named it Storm.