March came along and brought some more snow. It’s been a colder than usual winter this year, as evidenced by the snow lying on the ground since the New Year. Still, warmer temperatures are forecast for the coming weekend. We’re ready for them !

February saw me take a quick trip to Ireland. I flew over on Friday, and had a fun, leisurely breakfast with Ann and Caitriona, who was off school. That night I met up with Anne-Marie, my Long Lost Cousin, for a dinner that ended up at 4:30 in morning. On Saturday I caught up with Jim, and that night I met Frank, Brendan, Anthony and Leanne for an Italian night dinner at the SGHC. That was a lot of fun, and again a late night. After a late breakfast I spent Sunday in Clontarf catching up with family. Donal and I also managed to catch up with Anthony and get some advice for Donal on the acting world. Monday was busy; I met Miriam and Fiona for lunch, Caitriona for afternoon tea at The Shelbourne, Dave for dinner and Kierman for a few beers. Tusday saw my return to the US.

The kids have been keeping up their usual classes – when not recovering from the flu, which knocked them all, and Jenn, for six. Orla and Eoghan just had their last gymnastics class for the moment, and they’re excited to be starting fencing class this week. Orla is busy working on her French these days, and Eoghan is working at his reading. Conall is working on destroying the house.

We’ve had a few shopping trips recently. Last week we headed to the car dealership to do a trade-in. Jenn was asking the kids what color truck they would like to have, and pretty much settled on red. Then Orla pipes up

Can we get bulletproof windows ?
What do we need those for ? I ask. Nobody will be shooting at us.
They would if we were to move to Los Angeles, comes her reply.

Orla and Eoghan have been decked out by Jenn in new clothes for the Spring (assuming it ever arrives). She also took Conall shopping for shoes, and discovered that (a) he is opinionated (as if we didn’t already know), and (b) he is definitely not a preppy nerd ! Searching for sneakers for him, she pulled out a trendy Ralph Lauren Polo pair, in white. Conall shook his head and pushed them away. Looking around, he discovered a pair of Spiderman sneakers, complete with lights in the heels that flash when you walk on them. He grabbed those, and again pushed away with a “no”  the preppy ones when Jenn asked him to try them again. He knows what he wants !