So it was back to Ireland this past weekend for Chequie’s wedding. It seems hard to believe that she’s not 15 anymore, but after all the last time I was living in Dublin was 15 years ago !
I left Jenn with the kids, since The Conallator is still too much of a handful to take on a plane, and flew in to Belfast on Friday morning. Belfast is actually a nicer airport to fly into than Dublin, these days, as it’s so much smaller and nowhere near as crazy busy. Read more



Conall on top of the world

Conall, on top of the world

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Conall is getting much more talkative and is no shrinking violet, telling us very plainly what he wants and standing up for himself against hi solder siblings – if they tick him off, he gives them a wallop. He sits at the head of the table, even when we go out to restaurants. And woe betide anyone else who has the temerity to sit in his place !
Orla has been bonding with her horse, and loves to go out on trail rides. She also had her first sleep over last week, which included doing her nails and make-up, and watching girlie movies. Eoghan is looking forward to his first sleep over next week. Today they went to the Hudson River to watch the quatercentennial celebration of Henry Hudson’s exploratory boat trip up the river. They’ve also been going on walks in our local park, where they were delighted to be able to sneak up on a baby fawn. Eoghan loves his bike, and is always ready to go on trail rides. Jenn has been busy re-reading her trashy Twilight novels, and as a result the house is falling into utter chaos. She and the kids are all looking forward to heading to New Hampshire with Sue, while I make a quick trip to Ireland.