January 3, 2010 | Leave a Comment

It turns out that Conall and Kangaroos have something in common. They both make use of their pouches for storage. In the case of Skippy, the pouch gets used to store infants, called Joeys. In Conall’s case, his diaper gets used to store more than toxic waste.

A few weeks ago Jenn happened to glance in to Conall’s room as she was heading to bed. The room was dark, as it usually was at night, but there was a strange glow coming from his crib. Stepping closer to investigate, she saw that the glow was coming from the front of his diaper. Worried that he might have been drinking something fluorescent earlier in the day, she opened him up to have a look. Imagine her relief when she discovered the source of the light was her iPhone, which he had obviously picked up earlier and stuffed down his packaging.

Then, a few nights ago, Jenn stopped in to his room to adjust his covers. He stirred in his sleep, reached into his diaper, pulled out his bottle of milk, and started to drink. The next day, he stuffed his diaper full of five oranges, and refused to take them out as he ran around the kitchen with them, sat on the sofa, and proceeded to watch TV.



In August 2009, I decided to take a two week driving trip from my home near Rhinebeck, NY, to Labrador and Newfoundland. The main reason was the classic one – “because it’s there”. I wanted to drive as far north-east in North America as I could. I also figured that I would bring along my amateur radio and see if I could make some contacts on HF from this relatively unpopulated area. Read more