Summer Heat

May 27, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Right now we’re busy doing some delayed spring cleaning. Or, more precisely, Jenn is, while I supervise. We have a skip out the front right now, which is our third of the year. We’ve been motivated to clear up a lot of the accumulated junk of the last ten years or so because we have our house on the market. We’re in two minds about that, since on the one hand we really like the character of this rambling house. On the other hand, though, we really would like more land, and so are thinking of moving a few miles north where it truly is rural…Staatsburg, where we are right now, and Rhinebeck, are just about on the fringe of urban sprawl from New York City, so moving just a tad further north will give us the land we seek.
Meanwhile, the kids have been having fun collecting frogs and flying their kites and generally enjoying the good weather and playing with their friends. A big thrill this weekend will the opening of our local swim club, and the kids can’t wait, especially since it’s been so hot the last few days – yesterday, it was 99F in the shade. Of course, I would pick the hottest day of the year so far to erect an antenna…
Speaking of antennas, I made my annual pilgrimage to Dayton, Ohio a couple of weeks ago in my truck. On my return I had my last class in the city, and also managed to meet up with Barbara for dinner with our cousin Mary, who was visiting from Dun Chaoin.
Also of note – after ten years living here, I finally made it to the local drive-in movie theatre, too, taking the two older kids to see “Iron Man 2″. We all enjoyed it immensely, with the novelty of the venue adding to the thrill. We’ll have to make it a regular event for the kids…



We have a bird’s nest in our breeze-way, visible from the passage above. Conall and Jenn were there, looking at the nest with its eggs visible.
Conall asked Jenn, “Where’s mama bird ?”
Jenn replied, “I don’t know. Where did she go ?
Conall answered, “She’s gone for Chinese. She be back soon“.



At the Show

Orla at the show

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Last week saw Orla compete at a small show at Welwyn, her new horse stable. She only returned to riding a week ago, after a winter layoff, but she thrilled us all by winning a bunch of ribbons, and being named Show Champion ! Eoghan got into the spirit of the fun, too, helping out with the prizes. And he’s decided that he wants to compete in future, too…
After the show it was over to Liam’s birthday party in Bangalero, where the kids had fun catching up with their friends and, since it was a yuckily hot and humid day, especially playing in the sprinkler.
During the week the kids are continuing to be busy with their classes, including a new art class that they just started. Eoghan amazed us with his rendering of a hand – perhaps he’s a budding artist. Conall continues to sprout up, and is as cute as ever. And Orla demonstrates her dry sense of humor every day. A few days ago, for example, we were talking over lunch about a new house we’re considering buying. While it has a lot of land, the house is a shambles and needs a lot of work.
Everything can be fixed“, I said.
Not mom’s cooking“, Orla shot back.