Conall hits 4!

April 13, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Conall just saw the passing of his 4th birthday!  Now, it seems, even the “baby” of the family is growing up.  He headed off to see his first movie, “Hop“, with Jenn and the older kids on Saturday.  He is a huge fan of “Despicable Me“, made by the same team, so we hoped that maybe it would hold his attention in the theater. As it happens, he got bored after about half an hour, so Jenn took him out. I guess that’s a sign that the movie wasn’t so good; after all, he will (on occasion) sit through an entire movie when we watch one on our big screen at home.
He is really developing his sense of self nowadays.  He has decided that he is the clown of the family, and loves to share his original jokes with us.  Usually, they include a “Knock, Knock” intro, leading up to a banana finale.  He loves an audience ,so if the joke doesn’t get us, then he’ll share some funny dance moves that Orla taught him.  He also is getting old enough to share some of his dreams with us when he wakes up.  We laughed when he told us one morning that he had dreamt that he was a squirrel, ate too much candy and got a stomach ache.  He has quite an imagination on him!  He also has a temper, and is not afraid to yell at you if you annoy him. Unfortunately he has picked up some less appropriate words from his big sister, and will let fly with them when he gets mad…
In general he’s not shy about sharing his opinions or concerns. If we’re driving with the GPS on, he’ll repeat it’s instructions. “Dad, don’t forget to turn left“, he’ll remind us. If he sees Grandma doing something that he thinks is dangerous he’ll admonish her. “What are you doing with those pruning shears?“, he quizzed her the other day. And even though he’s not being formally homeschooled yet, he’s still picking things up. If you ask him to explain a picture of the water cycle, for example, he’ll let you know that the rain falls, and the water flows into the ocean, and that the sun turns it into clouds, etc.
It’s also hard to get him to bed at night, now, especially if we knows we’re planning on watching a movie on our big screen. Last night, for example, he came in to the red room to tell us that he wanted to “watch the boring movie with Dad“. He likes to crawl up into my armchair and sit beside me, and has me hold his bottle of milk. If he forgot something, he’ll say “I’ll leave my milk here on the table for a minute. Don’t drink it. I’m going to get my goldfish. Don’t start the movie without me“…
Thankfully, though, he doesn’t share the same interest in animals that his older siblings do.  Just when I thought the pet craze had finally come to a sane halt, Jen and the kids surprised me with 4 chickens!  If that wasn’t enough, they felt 4 weren’t sufficient and so now we have 6 baby chicks living in our bathroom.  The two older kids were in heaven the day they arrived and continue to play with them.  I’m just hoping I get some eggs out of the deal.