Easter is usually associated with bunny rabbits. Not so in our household, where in addition to Easter eggs we also received a batch of Easter chickens. Jenn and the kids have been going crazy researching different chicken breeds, and have ordered examples of several varieties, as well as the required appurtenances such as heaters and feeders. (At least we were able to salvage the coop from an earlier “experiment”!)

In addition to the chicks, we also have several eggs in an incubator. To me, these ones are brown, but that’s just because I’m not a chicken aficianado. To a real chicken lover these are known as “chocolate eggs”. Personally, I don’t care too much about all these new additions. I figure I’ll either get farm-fresh eggs every morning for breakfast, or else I’ll be dining on roast chicken for several weeks.

Speaking of dining, we had a relatively low-key Easter celebration this year. As usual we ate at Sue’s house, but rather than risking her cooking, or – even worse – that of Justin’s in-laws, we brought our own food with us. There was the usual full gang, including Carol’s family, and so there were plenty of kielbasa and pierogies to try. I successfully managed to avoid temptation (and indigestion).

Eoghan and Orla were thrilled to be able to show off their new chicks, while Conall joined in the fun as well. Incidentally, he is continuing to surprise and keep us laughing with his comments. He’s very polite, responding to Sue when she thanked him for carrying something for her “It was my pleasure, Grandma“. He also takes good care of me, and so when he saw me about to take some vitamins that I had previously stored on top of the refrigerator (where we keep some other items such as detergent out of harms way) he exhorted me “Daddy, No! Don’t drink chemicals. Chemicals are yucky, they make you sick“. When I’m heading off to work, he bids me adieu, saying “See you next time. Be careful the big bad wolf doesn’t get you“. When looking at a picture of himself, he tells us “That was me when I was a young boy“. And just yesterday, when he and Jenn were about half way to town, he asked her “Mom, are we going to Rhine-a-beck? At our house we turn left to go to Hyde Park and we turn right to go to Rhine-a-beck“. At four, he has a better sense of direction than his mother.