Summer Fun

July 4, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Summer is finally here in full swing.  The kids are spending their days at the local swim and tennis club.  The two older ones are like little fishes, while Conall, on the other hand, still isn’t so sure about getting into the water.  He enjoys playing with the boys on the playground though, including his cousin Ace.  Jenn finally gets a chance to sit down and relax while all the kids are busy having fun.

Rest and relaxation are a pleasant relief from the chaotic June we had.  Conall had to go in for oral surgery in a hospital setting.  He was very calm the night before, and upon our arrival at the hospital, but when we moved in to the ward he started to get very scared. We were somewhat nervous with the planned general anesthesia, but everything  went very well, thank God.  He had caps put on some of his molars, which he loves, since he thinks they look like shiny silver steam engines in his mouth.  He is still OBSESSED with trains.

Eoghan has taken an interest in marine biology (especially sharks!) so he was delighted to go to the New England Aquarium with Dad.  A boys-only trip, which included a behind the scenes tour  and a day with the seals!  We are planning to go back to the newly opened shark and stingray touch tank soon.  Speaking of stingrays, that is the name of Orla’s swim team that she joined this summer.  We are hoping she takes after her cousins Siobhan and Asling who have set records in Asia with their swimming!

The chickens the kids got over the spring haven’t started laying yet.  But Jenn and the kids assure me that by August 8th when they are 20 weeks old, I should start getting some farm fresh eggs from our backyard coop.  In the meantime, the chickens have provided lots of entertainment for the kids.  Trying to herd them into the coop at night is funny to watch, as the kids chase them around the yard – those little critters are small but fast!

The kids are taking a break from official “school” work over the summer, but they are book lovers like their Dad and can often be found sneaking reading material into bed well after 11pm.  We are also continuing “family reading night” and right now enjoying the book full of riddles (another favorite of the kids) called the Gollywhopper Games.  Movie night is another popular activity with the kids, although my classics are not always their top choice.  At the moment the older ones are into action flicks, like the Terminator, while Orla also likes “Wild Child” and “Pyaar Impossible”.