Fall Fun

October 24, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Hallowe’en is almost upon us. We’ve been keeping busy, and losing track of time. Jenn and the kids have been busy with home-school activities over the past couple of months. Orla does horse-riding, but alas Eoghan can’t as we’ve discovered that he appears to be allergic to horses! Incidentally, Conall seems to be allergic to chocolate – at least in ice-cream and in milk, poor guy! Meanwhile, all three kids go to art class, where even Conall is content to sit (for most of the period, anyway) painting his turtle and other papier-mâché creations. We make extensive use of the local library, where Orla enjoys book club and Eoghan his lego club.

We’ve been doing some touring recently. Orla was up in Hudson, NY, in August, as a member of the local library’s Battle of the Books team. We’ve also been checking out some of the local farms as part of the build-up to Hallowe’en. We’re lucky that only a few minutes down the road we can find Sinon Family Farm, with its Childrens’ Zoo, and Hahn Farm, which holds a Fall Festival every year. We all had a great time checking out the pumpkins and looking at the different animals, as well as trying out the corn maze and the hay maze – although Jenn discovered she was claustrophobic when she tried to go into the latter. The corn maze at Hahn was fun, because the paths traced out letters and there was a competition to see if you could figure out what word the letters referred to. We entered a drawing to see if we got it right – watch this space!

There are lots of resources that the kids can avail of in our vicinity. They regularly go to classes in the environmental center in the local park, and last week they had a ball taking part in a chemistry demonstration given in Marist College as past of National Chemistry Week. There, they got to make all sorts of goo and glop, and learn about the different properties of materials such as corn starch than can appear to be liquid and solid at the same time.

I was away a few times over the past couple of months. I made it up to Bethel, Maine and to Sunday River, Vermont, for several days of golf, and traveled up to St. Mary’s in Canada to celebrate their Thanksgiving (the weekend of October 10th). Dinner with the McCotters was a great success, and a late night was had by all!

Conall is really coming into his own these days. He will sit and talk to you about trains, and get you to watch train videos with him, and was delighted this weekend when Grandma and Jenn took him to a train show in Kingston. He made sure he had his Engineer’s cap on before he went. He knows exactly what he wants, and is not afraid to let you know. Recently there were some homeschool friends over visiting Orla and Eoghan. One of them had a little brother about Conall’s age who had the temerity to go upstairs and into his room. “Out of my room, you freak”, ordered Conall.