November 12, 2011 | Leave a Comment

October was an exciting month for the kids, with one of the highlights being a very unusual snow storm, right before Halloween.  We saw about 10 inches of snow in our backyard, just days before we were supposed to take the kids trick or treating.The storm didn’t do too much damage, which was a relief because the most of the trees still had their summer leaves and so were heavily laden by the snow. As it was, we lost a few branches, one big one just missing my truck. We lost power for several hours, although that wasn’t a big deal for us because, fortunately, we have a generator. Some of the surrounding areas, though, were out of power for several days.

All three of the kids had a great time sledding at Grandma’s house, and even Jenn and I joined in the fun with Sue’s sledding tubes.  While the Sunday trick-or-treating at Marist was cancelled, fortunately most of the snow had melted before the big night on Monday.  Jenn, as usual, helped the kids get their costumes together, with Orla being a peacock, Eoghan a lego skeleton and Conall deciding to stay with his traditional train theme, as Thomas the Tank Engine.  We went to Rhinebeck village for some Halloween fun, and were glad to see that this year, for the first time, Conall decided to go in with us to the firehouse haunted house.  We were surprised at how well he took it, and even more surprised when one of Orla’s friends jumped out to surprise us in the midst of it. She was posing as a scary clown; her dad is a firefighter and she was helping out this year.  Jenn was saying that we know we’re getting older when Orla’s friends are now working in the haunted house.  Seems like yesterday that we were asking for the “no scare” version for a littler Orla.  Conall, being the assertive little guy (or big guy) that he is, was shouting at anybody blocking the sidewalk with strollers, yelling “Get out of the way!”  and “Move it!”  He was on a real mission this year to fill his bag with candy.  Jenn discreetly stole the sticky candy out of the bag (such as tootsie rolls) to save those teeth of his from any cavities.

Meanwhile, Orla is still obsessed with her chickens and, everytime I look, there seems to be a new one stashed in her coop.  Now she’s planning to add turkeys to the mix!  Jenn wants to name them “Christmas” and “Thanksgiving”, but we all know they really are just going to be pets and more beaks for me to feed.  At least, I’m getting some return on the frequent trips to Agway for feed bags, since we now have fresh eggs piling up in the refrigerator.  We enjoy them for meals and Orla is going to donate the extra ones to a local food pantry as part of her 4H community service.  Speaking of 4-H Orla and her friend Erin headed to a cookery demonstration recently, where Orla showed off her skills whipping up a batch of ginger and banana flavoured Pavlova. It was, I must say, rather yummy.

Meanwhile, Eoghan has grown up quite a bit and enjoys – when not on his video games – hanging out with Dad.  As a special treat the two of us go to the local diner after trips to the barber shop.  He is a huge steak eater, and ready to eat it not just for dinner but for breakfast and lunch as well.  Having tried it at all the restaurants in the area, he can tell you that the new restaurant Matchbox has one of the best steaks in town.