The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Eoghan with the Concorde behind him.

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Eoghan and I headed to New York City on Memorial Day to visit The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The Intrepid is a World War II, Essex-class aircraft carrier moored on the west side of Manhattan. The museum is a fantastic place to visit – apart from The Intrepid, it also features the Growler submarine, the Concorde and, best of all (to me, at least) the A-12, precursor to the Blackbird. And, fromJuly 19, it will also feature the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
We took the train in to the city on Sunday, and after checking in to our hotel we headed straight for The Intrepid. We met Ian there and spent a couple of hours just sauntering around and getting a feel for the layout of the ship, and arranging our tours for Monday. The weather was blistering hot, and after a couple of hours we were glad to hop in a cab and head to the East Village, and dinner, at Panna II, one of our old haunts. Afterwards we went to see the movie Battleship, which was like Independence Day meets Under Siege and The Abyss.
We were up bright and early the next morning, and made our way to the museum in time for a Members’ breakfast. That was really cool because we ended up sitting at a table with a retired NYC fire captain who had served on The Missouri in World War II, and which featured prominently in the movie Battleship. Incidentally, it was on this ship that the Japanese Empire surrendered in 1945.
After breakfast we took part in the Memorial Day celebration, which was marked by a flyover of F/A-18’s in missing-man formation. It was almost unbearably hot in the sun, and so we were relieved to be able to head in to the shelter of the ship’s cafe. We had a busy day, with guided tours of the Concorde, the Growler submarine, and The Intrepid herself. By the time we finished the last tour we were totally sunburnt – at least I was; Eoghan fortunately has his mother’s skin – and struggled back to the hotel for a rest. Then it was out to meet Ian again for Chinese and a movie, The Avengers (not as good as Battleship but still fun).
On Tuesday morning we hit the Central Park Zoo, but by this stage we were so sick of the sun that we spent not much more than an hour there – and most of that we spent in the penguin house – before a quick meeting with Seamus and Ivana and then the quick trip to Penn Station for our train journey back home.
Eoghan and I both really enjoyed the museum; it’s a place we’ll definitely return to. We’ll just make sure the weather is a little cooler.