The weather warmed up here this past weekend, just to remind us if we didn’t know already that summer is coming in. The temperature hit the high 80’s, with equally oppressive humidity. Just as well that Swim Club opened up. The kids had a great time rediscovering the club, and meeting their friends from last year, as did Jenn. Personally, I prefer to sit at home in the air conditioning, reading a book or nattering away on the radio, but whatever you’re in to…

We also headed to Southlands, the local horse stable, on Sunday for the first of their summer series of events to boost interest in the facility. The kids were delighted to have some pony rides again (as Jenn shows on her site, Eoghan is taking to the horses too !) and also holding some baby chicks and meeting the goats and pigs – one of the advantages of living in the country !

On Monday, after Swim Club – where we met Rob and JP, and Kevin and Lisa and their brood (I guess three kids counts as a brood) – we went to Justin’s where we had a barbecue and I had a lot of fun sitting out overlooking the Hudson while talking on a mobile radio. The kids were busy riding their bikes around Justin’s driveway – our driveway, alas, is gravel and pretty steep, so not conducive to bike riding.

Today the kids were playing the part of Stanley and Livingston; Eoghan was a riot, decked out in his Aussie sun hat, binoculars, compass and walking stick. He and Orla were very busy hunting for snakes in the garden. Jenn was pleased that, this time at least, they didn’t find any ! Meanwhile, Eoghan is all excited at the prospect of going out exploring with his GrandPa tomorrow…

Life in the city has been pretty busy, too. Classes finish for the summer, so I took a few of my students out for a beer. All I can say is that Belfield Bar sees more students than the bars around here ! We also saw Roisin and Phil stop over, en route to Ireland, so we took them to sample New York’s hauest of Haut Cuisine – Curry In A Hurry ! It was great to catch up; and we’re looking forward to some more visitors over the summer, with Ashlea arriving in a couple of weeks, and then Darach and Canjo from Hong Kong coming to Boston. Watch this space…


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