The summer is finally here and the kids are enjoying the swim club, the sunny weather and a collection of insects and frogs they are finding for their nature study. They managed to catch one frog (that Orla named High Hopper) and a family of caterpillars and millipedes.¬†Orla has named the millipede “Crawly” and loves to hold him (or her).Both the kids have definitely inherited Jen’s love of animals.The combination of mother and children all crazy about pets landed the family with yet another dog. That’s number 3! The kids went with their American Grandparents to American Kennels on Lexington Ave (the same pet shop in which Mary Kate Olsen got her lab recently, for those of you who like to keep up on celebrity gossip) and picked out a 3 month old, 4 lb. Shih Tzu that they named Puff Puff Carson. To drive Orla crazy, Brian calls him “Killer Andre the Giant”. Orla tells him now, “Don’t even think about it!” when he tries to rename sweet little Puff Puff.Swimming lessons start next week and pony camp at the local horse farm starts shortly after that. Orla will be attending both and Eoghan will be participating in the swimming lessons. It will be a fun and busy couple of months.


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