On Friday morning, we trooped off to Madison Square Garden to see the Ringling Brothers’ / Barnum & Bailey Circus – better known as The Greatest Show On Earth. And it truly was spectacular. The kids had a fabulous time. Orla had been telling us for weeks all about the show – the tigers, the elephants, and of course the six zebras, so she was delighted to see all the animals. Eoghan, too, was enthralled by the horses that could waltz and pirouette. Grandma loved the baby elephants. Jenn was mesmerized by the tigers. And I was busy taking photos. (I tried to hide my camera, but to no avail – at one point I was asked which media outlet I was shooting for !)

The highlight of the trip was getting to go out on the circus floor to join in the dancing, and onto the train that wandered through the dancers. You can judge for yourself by looking at the pictures here.


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