March 21, 2005 | Leave a Comment

Orla continues to surprise us. The other day, Jennifer was reading her a book about whales. As Jenn was reading aloud, she came to the word “echolocation”. Jenn wasn’t quite sure what it meant.

Oh, says Orla, I know what that is. That’s what bats use to find their way in the dark.

Needless to say, Jenn was quite impressed.

Orla is also a hard taskmaster. Jennifer was telling her that she hoped George, the handyman, would come to the house soon to plough the snow. Orla insisted that Jennifer get him to fix a leaking faucet in the bathroom so that the house wouldn’t flood.

Jennifer, you call George, today ! I want George to come fix the faucet today ! You told me yesterday that you were going to call him and you didn’t. Call him right now ! instructed drill sergeant Orla.

Meanwhile, the kids have been making lots of new friends at story hour in the local library. Orla has been telling everyone she meets about how excited she is that she’s going to the circus on Friday, when she’ll see six zebras. 


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