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We’ve been having lots of fun recently. Last week I took Friday off work and so had a long weekend at home. I bought a new bike (Lightspeed) and ventured out on the roads, enjoying the scenery – the foliage this year is spectacularly beautiful (which perhaps explains why town is so busy these days; each week there seems to be more people than ever in Rhinebeck).

On Saturday we took advantage of the special children’s day event at The Headless Horseman Hallowe’en attraction. The kids had a scream, riding on the haunted hayride and making their way through the maze… It was so much fun that Jenn and I decided we need to go at night ! Maybe we’ll take Orla next year…

During the week the kids were busy with their homeschooling. Orla is busy this term with art class, ballet, and now the piano. It’s the usual story, of course, trying to get her to practise. Both kids have also been busy making bird’s nests, which explains why our kitchen is full of grass and twigs.

This weekend we took the kids to the Sheep and Wool Festival at the fairgrounds. The kids just loved seeing the rocks and minerals exhibition; fortunately, for now Orla is interested in non-precious gems. I hope it stays that way… Both of the kids had a great time.

We came into the city yesterday, and today Ivana took them to the Lower East Side and Chinatown. Eoghan, ever the transportation fan, talked her into taking them on the bus down Second Ave. They made sure to take an articulated bus; both kids insisted on sitting in the wobbly part…

While there they had Dim Sum and then Ivana took them to a Chinese fishmonger, where they viewed turtles, frogs, ducks, crabs and various exotic seafood. They tried to talk her into buying them pet crabs but instead came home with two shrimp which will remain in the refrigerator for the forseeable future as pets.

Orla, ever the observent one, asked Ivana

Why does everyone here have black hair ?

She hasn’t yet started to worry about being PC…

Meanwhile, Ivana has promised Orla that on her next trip to the city she can have a day of shopping for a kimono and chinese sandals.

Eoghan continues to be a flirt and has learned the Italian word for a kiss (un bacio) – we’re sure this will come in handy when he takes his pre-college European trip ! 


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