Fall 2007

September 3, 2007 | Leave a Comment

We’re all settling back in to life in The Barn after spending what seems like the entire summer in Boston. Well of course I had to continue working, but I would shoot up each weekend to join Jenn and the kids who were staying there with Grandma…

They managed to have an enjoyable summer there. One of the highlights was the visit of their Hong Kong cousins; Aisling and Siobhan came with Darach and Canjo to a swim camp north of Boston for two weeks. We met up for the three weekends, and had a great time touring the Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, Faneuil Hall, etc. etc., not to mention smashing lobsters and exploring the North End…

Orla, Eoghan and Conall also got to meet their Florida cousins, Zach and Madison, and had fun showing them the playground and other attractions.

Back home we settled in to relax and enjoy our first weekend in a long time lounging about at home, playing with the three dogs, soaking in the hot tub, and listening to the birds (who have an infuriating habit of waking me up at first light every day. I need to buy a shotgun…)

We also celebrated Orla’s birthday with a small party at Grandma’s house; Seamus and Ivana came up from the city, and Ivana treated us to her amazing cooking. Orla and I went to see “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”, which was very cute, and then later we all watched “Blades Of Glory” on our big screen. It stank.

On Labor Day we had a barbecue with Rob, JP and Kevin and Lisa; their first daylight visit in a long time. All were impressed by Jenn’s new playroom for the kids. I find it great; now all the kids toys are out of the kitchen and its no longer a minefield of dolls, horses, cars and trains…

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