Summer Vacation

October 1, 2007 | Leave a Comment

All at sea !

All at sea – click here for more pictures 

So vacation is over. It was a great two weeks, and just the rest I needed. As mentioned earlier, it started with a 24 hour road trip to Toronto and St. Mary’s in Canada, to meet up with the McCotter gang for a wedding brunch. I spent the night in the picturesque Westover Inn, run by Stephen, which is a jewel. Well worth a getaway trip, especially if you’re into theatre – the nearby town of Stratford is, not surprisingly, home to the largest Shakespeare festival outside England.

4:30 next morning saw me on the road back to Rhinebeck, where I met up with Jenn and the kids before continuing on into the city where I met up with Liam for a Rush concert at Madison Square Garden. We weren’t the oldest swingers in town, but certainly weren’t the youngest, either – it was interesting to see how many children were there with their parents. This seems to be a trend at rock concerts now as the original fans age (along with the bands!)

I spent the rest of the week at home with Jenn and the kids, until Saturday when we all headed off to Maine, with Jenn’s mom in tow. We had a great night in Boston where we met RB and Greg, and then on Sunday we headed off, first to Portsmouth where Jenn and the kids wanted to visit a Fairy House tour. It was news to me, but I guess there’s this whole sub-culture…Anyway, the kids really enjoyed it.

Next stop was Ogunguit – Beautiful place by the sea - in Maine, where we spent a wonderful few days. Our hotel was just perfect, having plenty of pools and spas, and a rolling green lawn that ran down to the cliffs overlooking the ocean. A cliffside walk, the Marginal Way, runs for over a mile and provides a wonderful vista over the sea. We had a lovely time, the kids enjoying exploring the tidal pools for crabs and fish, and I even managed a couple of swims in the ocean. Admittedly, it was brisk, with the only other folks in the water wearing wet-suits, but totally invigorating. Highly recommended !

Thursday saw us back home, where we spent a leisurely few days doing very little – the most active thing we did was to take the kids to their soccer practice on Saturday morning. Both of the older kids did well, despite Eoghan’s getting a ball in the face. (like Jack Dempsey – and Reagan – he forgot to duck). He’s the stoic one in the family, and refused any assistance, fighting his tears. (Now Orla, on the other hand, is a drama queen with a low pain threshold !)

A great two weeks. Can’t wait for the next vacation !


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