Orla’s Checkup

February 7, 2003 | Leave a Comment

Today we woke up to find that it was snowing – again ! It seems like Rhinebeck has somehow been transported into Greenland. We had about 3 inches of show today, to add to the 2 or 3 feet we’ve already had.

We had to take Orla to the doctor this morning for her checkup. Boy, she was not a happy camper. Perhaps she had bad memories of the shots she received on her previous trips; at any rate, once in the waiting room she started crying and crawled under a chair !

Fortunately, however, the anticipation was more traumatic than the actual examination. She’s doing well, and the doctor was very pleased. She’s 35 pounds, and about 3’3″ – not bad for 2 years and 5 months !

Meanwhile, Eoghan has his checkup next week. At his last checkup, at 11 months, he was 28 lbs so he’s on track to be a real bruiser.


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