Christmas Season

December 22, 2006 | Leave a Comment

With the temperature in the 50’s, it’s hard to believe that we’re only a few days away from Christmas. But then the kids remind us ! They’re busy counting down, although unfortunately they’ve been fighting the flu for the past week (ever since Saturday, when we made the mistake of taking them to a birthday party – they loved the party, but picked up a bug from one of the kids there).We’ve been using Santy as a threat to try and coax good behavior from them, with varying degrees of success. They’re looking forward to the visit of the Florida cousins who arrive on Saturday. Meanwhile, I’m not looking forward to Christmas dinner at the in-laws – both Sue, my mother-in-law and Carol, my sister-in-law, are threatening to cook. I told Jenn we’re going to cook our own turkey and spuds and brussel sprouts, and bring them over with us !

In the run-up to Christmas we’ve been doing some tidying up in the garden, cutting down trees with a chain saw (if you don’t see any further updates to this site, you’ll know what has happened) and getting our gator and tractor overhauled to cope with the snow that will probably take us by surprise in January.

Meanwhile, Jenn informs me that when she offered Eoghan a choice of cherry or orange flavoured Tylenol to help fight his cold, he responded I think I’ll have the wine flavour. What does wine taste like, anyway ?. Fortunately, when Jenn told him wine tastes yucky, he decided to go with the cherry…


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