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October 10, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Rhinebeck Aerodrome – Click for picturesThis weekend we did something we had never done in the eight years we’ve lived in Rhinebeck – we went to an airshow at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
After Orla’s dance class on Saturday morning, she had a play date with a friend at the playground in town, and Eoghan and I took the opportunity to engage in some male bonding and went to watch the vintage aircrft at the aerodrome. It’s one of the largest collections of vintage aircraft in the country, and is well worth a visit. We had a great time watching the old crates that I had come across years ago when reading about the exploits of Biggles  – so much so that on the way home we decided, over some ice-cream, to return on Sunday !

The weather on Sunday was just as glorious as on Saturday – and even better for flying, as there was scarely a breeze. Jenn came along with us this time and the three of us had a great time (we had left Orla with her grandparents as she was tired) watching the mock dogfights, the barnstorming, and of course the campy adventures of Linda Truelove, Sir Percy and The Black Baron !

The old aircraft – a Great Lakes, a Tiger Moth, an Albatross, and a Fokker Triplane, to mention a few – were very impressive; they looked like it took very little persuasion to send them soaring into the sky. The pilots performed some fun tricks like flying repeatedly through rolls of toilet paper they had jettisoned, and dropping ‘bombs’ on enemy targets. But the star of the show was a Tiger Cub, whose pilot performed some spectacular aerobatics before cutting the engine and performing a dead-stick landing, rolling to a stop precisely where he had placed his hat before take-off !

I took a few snaps for posterity, so now Eoghan can look at them when he’s going to bed. If he grows up to be a pilot we’ll know what piqued his interest. Meanwhile, we’ve planned to take him to an open house at the railroad next weekend !


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