Busy weekend. Saturday saw me head to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Barbara’s investiture as a “Lady Of The Holy Sepulchre”. So I guess that’s Lady Barbara now… Had a fun dinner afterwards with Charlie McW and then we all proceeded to supper with Seamus and Ivana, where we caught up on old times.Sunday morning saw me head home to catch up with the kids. After living in Rhinebeck for eight years, we finally made it to the monthly Irish music seisiun. The kids loved it, with Eoghan clapping madly to keep time, and Orla singing along the chorus to all the songs. We’ll have to return before another eight years pass !

We returned to the city with the kids on Monday. Jenn and I took them to the Museum Of Natural History. They absolutely loved the gemological exhibition and a movie, Cosmic Collisions, in the planetarium. Eoghan was particularly delighted to pick up a flashlight that projected spaceships onto the ceiling. Orla, of course, picked up a toy snake.

Afterwards we stopped off to see Grandma and Grandpa, followed by dinner in one of Jenn’s favourite Thai restaurants with Seamus and Ivana.

The kids are real sponges. That night, back in the apartment with the lights off, as Eoghan got ready to try out his new flashlight, he and Orla commenced their instructions :

Please turn off all electronic devices and cellphones. Put away your food and drinks. No talking during the show…

– they repeated all the admonitions from the movie show that afternoon. As you might imagine, it took quite a while for the kids to finally fall asleep…


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