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Easter 2006

Click here for pictures of last week’s T-ball and the Easter weekend…
Orla has been busy with her Karate. She was thrilled at her last class because she was promoted; she now has a black stripe on her white belt. Not bad for a five year old who’s in her third week !

We noticed Orla was in tears as we drove back from mass on Easter Sunday. Jenn asked her what was the matter, but she was too distraught to tell us. Finally, she managed to whisper that she was upset about poor Baby Jesus having been put to death. (It’s hard to believe she’s only five…) To cheer her up, we dropped her off at her aunt and uncle’s house to go on the Easter egg hunt.

Both kids had a great time at Carol and Justin’s for Easter. Dinner wasn’t too bad – if you don’t mind pierogies, kielbasa and sauerkraut (Carol’s folks are of Polish descent). This time we were prepared; Jennifer roasted some lamb and brought that over, so I was happy…

The kids had a blast; C&J and her family had hidden loads of Easter eggs, so the kids were running around and screaming hysterically each time they found and egg. (Of course, Jenn had hidden eggs in our garden so the kids had the hunt at our house first. I wasn’t too impressed, since they started at seven in the morning).

The weather was glorious, and Orla and Eoghan spent half the day on their bikes, riding round and around the driveway while we were a little less active, gazing out at the river.


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