We’re still alive. As usual it’s been busy over the past few weeks. Where does the tempus fugit ?The past few months have seen quite a few wine tasting dinners. Generally they’re very convivial occasions, the format being a line-up of wines featuring a common theme, over a decent dinner. The most recent was a 1986 Bordeaux tasting, held at The Orchard in NYC. (The Lafite was awesome).

Caught up with Morgan a few days later. Offered my commiserations on his recent engagement. Then on Friday caught up Anthony; we went to see “Lawrence of Arabia” at the Ziegfield – pretty spectacular to see it on the big screen.

Spent the last week at home, pottering around the house, going for a few drives now that the weather has finally warmed up. 81 degrees on Thursday ! Took Orla to her first ever T-Ball practice on Saturday morning; she loved it, as she did the Karate that she started on Friday. Pretty soon she’ll be beating the crap out of me. Eoghan, on the other hand, was content to watch both classes. Both kids enjoyed a barbecue this afteroon at Justin and Carols…

(Meanwhile, we were tickled to learn from Justin that two photos I took were actually sold at a recent charity auction… Watch out, Robert Doisneau !)

Everyone was reasonably subdued this week due to fighting colds – Jenn succumbed, although I managed to avoid one completely. I’l have to get Jenn on to the hot whiskey remedy…


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