Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Orla is only four. Now that “Venom, E.R.” is not currently showing, her favourite show is Lizzie McGuire. She loves to watch the adventures of the heroine,Hilary Duff, although there’s another show that ranks right up there on Orla’s top-10 : Zack and Cody. It’s a little surprising that she enjoys these shows, since she doesn’t exactly fit into the typical audience demographic – both of these shows are most popular with ten- and twelve-year-olds. Jennifer is convinced that the reason Orla likes the latter show is that it features the adventures of two boys…The kids were thrilled that this weekend saw the arrival of Grandma. They had a blast with her, and were particularly pleased that she took them to the toy store ! And, unlike when they go out with their cheap-skate dad, they were able to buy toys that “cost a high number”.


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