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Another year almost over, and the kids are growing up fast. Conall is huge, enormously strong, and with a sweet disposition. Eoghan is a real play actor, who loves to goof around and make funny expressions. And Orla is developing a great sense of humour, as evidenced by two things she said the other day.
She, Jennifer, and I were having breakfast, and talking about what we would like for Christmas.
Do you know what I would like for Christmas, Orla ? asked Jenn.
A new husband ? replied Orla.
We all cracked up.

A little while later, I walked through the kitchen wearing just a pair of shorts.
Euch ! Do I really have to see that ? Orla exclaimed, pointing at my chest.

The kids were, of course, very excited as Christmas approached. Eoghan was a little nervous on Christmas Eve, asking Jenn to check “Santa’s Good List” on the internet to see he was going to get a present. Orla – probably far more likely than Eoghan to be on the Naughty List – was highly confident that she was on the Good List. Both of them, on the other hand, were sure that Dad was on the Naughty List.

On Christmas morning, after keeping the kids waiting a suitable period of time to build up their anticipation (and, more mundanely, while I got the turkey in the oven), we led them into the Red Room where Santa had left all the presents under the tree.

Orla was on tenterhooks, hoping desperately for a guinea pig. She was delighted to see Santa had, indeed, delivered one, as well as an American Girl doll and other assorted goodies. Eoghan, on the other hand, who had assured his mother on five occasions that what he wanted from Santa was a snowmobile, was devastated as soon as he saw that, while he got a sled and, indeed, a snowmobile (remote control), unlike Orla he did not get a guinea pig. He was in tears and did his usual hiding under the furniture for quite a while before we could coax him out to play a game with Orla…

Dinner was at Jenn’s mom’s house, but the food was fine – we cooked the turkey, ham, brussel sprouts and potatoes and brought them with us ! There were about a dozen of us, with Jenn’s brother Kris and his family having flown up from Florida for the week. Orla and Eoghan got a few more presents, and the kids were delighted – and not surprised – when I got one from my mother-in-law that was the same as the one Jenn had given me. Coal !


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