Snowed Under

December 16, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Outside right now, we’ve about 10 inches of snow that fell yesterday, with another inch or so of ice on top that fell this afternoon, and expecting another inch or so of snow tonight. Winter has come in with a roar. This morning we took the kids sledding, which was great fun. The roads were very quiet, due to the ice storm, but our trusty truck had no problems. Berger Hill was, alas, closed, but the State Park at Mills Mansion – across the road from us – was open (the driveways were ploughed, compliments of our tax dollars). The kids had a good time, although as soon as we got to the slope Eoghan tripped and lost his grip on his sled; it went careening off down the ice covered snow for about 100 yards; your’s truly had to retrieve it for him – hard work in icy snow ! We were the only ones foolhardy enough to venture out, but it was invigorating. We had planned to meet up with Kevin and Lisa, but missed them; we did, however, manage to meet up with them for a late lunch.Speaking of working our way up and down slopes, last weekend we took the kids up Berger Hill for the first time in years. This was prompted by the fact that the house we’re probably going to buy (of which more later – watch this space) backs up onto the western side. We had a great time chasing each other up and down the hill, which wore us all out – none of us are fit these days !

Last weekend also saw a visit from Seamus and Ivana; they came up for lunch in our local Thai restaurant – Aroi (which serves a spectacular cashew chicken nothing like the Chinese variant). We took them to see the new house – at which Seamus managed to set off the burglar alarm – before repairing to the barn. They were delighted to see their Godson, Conall, who is continuing to grow. He’s off the charts according to the doctor at his recent checkups, and that’s borne out by the fact that at eight months he was wearing clothes for an eighteen month old !

The previous weekend was very traumatic for Orla… her fish died. Or rather, was eaten. The smaller of her two fish was devoured by the larger. She was inconsolable, and blamed herself for not feeding them sufficiently.
It’s all my fault. I should have fed Silver Diamond more. I know just how Grandma feels. I miss him so much.

On a more cheery note, that weekend also saw us pick out the new house, and make the offer which was accepted. We hope to close in January… Orla was delighted because her room has cat wallpaper. Jenn is delighted because the house has an attached garage. And I’m delighted because it has a basement in which I can construct a wine cellar.

Thanksgiving was quiet – we did it here in the barn with Sue and Bethany, with our usual – turkey cooked in the Aga. Low key but very restful. On the Sunday we headed into the city, and while Jenn, Grandma, Eoghan and Conall went shopping at FAO Schwarz, Orla and I made our third annual trip to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. It was as beautiful as ever; Orla had her picture taken with a ballerina, as usual, and just like last year, when Arabian Coffee (Teresa Reichlen) danced her sultry solo, she turned to me and said Dad, you should have married her!

Now we’re on the run down to Christmas. We’re checking Santa’s list to see if we’re Good or Bad, and can’t wait for the sleigh to take off !


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