Crawling !

October 31, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Yesterday was a red letter day for Conall. After working himself up to it over the past week or so, he can now officially crawl across the room. Not bad for a seven month old ! Now we have to batten down the hatches, lock the cupboards, and hide the TV remotes…The other kids are excited that it’s Hallowe’en. They’re really looking forward to going trick-or-treating in Rhinebeck village, where the houses are all decorated and, for the night, are home to all sorts of skeletons and ghosts and foul ghouls and monsters…

The kids had a dry run on Sunday, when we took them to Staatsburg for a town Hallowe’en party. There were prizes for the best costumes, and also for the best carved Jack o’ Lanterns. Jenn was busy with them for the afternoon before the party; Orla dressed up as a Cheetah, and Eoghan was dressed up as a Zookeeper – looking somewhat like a cross between Indiana Jones and The Crocodile Hunter. He had Orla on a leash, and sported a sign saying “Zoo Keeper – Beware of Wild Cheetah”.

Jenn was delighted with herself when they won best in their age group, and even more delighted when they won both first and second prize in the pumpkin contest !

The town laid on a great party, with fireworks, a bonfire, band, bouncing castle, etc. And with tonight’s events in Rhinebeck, including a Haunted House at the local Fire Station, the kids are having a great week !

Other news is that we must have been exposed to Chickenpox when we went to Maine. Eoghan exhibited a rash when we came back, and then two weeks later Orla got spots which were diagnosed as chickenpox. It was strange, as they had both been previously immunised. But they were lucky, only developing mild cases. But poor Conall, who has not yet been immunised, is now covered from head to toe with spots. With luck, though, they won’t leave any lasting trace…

Meanwhile, Jenn is exhausted after spending a few weeks doing spring cleaning. We’re considering moving into the middle of the village for a change, and so are putting our house on the market. Given how unusual it is, though, I expect that it will be a year or more before we actually sell…


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