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March 3, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The weekend was  pretty uneventful. The never-ending winter continued. We received about six inches on Friday night, so by now we’re about ready for spring to arrive. Orla commented to Jenn that the trees are starting to bud, so perhaps there’s hope for us…

We didn’t do much; Donna babysat the kids on Saturday, so Jenn and I headed out to check out a Mexican restaurant nearby. It was reasonable but not as good as Mexican Radio, in Hudson, which is well worth a visit.

Poor Eoghan started feeling miserable over the weekend, and wasn’t even perked up by the snow.  He’s been staying in bed and just lounging around. The family had planned on visiting the library today, but unfortunately Jenn had to stay home with Eoghan who is sick. And while I had planned to take the day off work, I ended up having to go in. Instead, Orla went with Donna. Before she left, Jenn gave Orla her library card. Orla has a favourite horse keyring, but up until now has had nothing to carry on it. Now, however, she has her card on it and walks around twirling her keyring and feeling very sophisticated. Orla has always enjoyed visiting the library, but now feels like she owns the place !


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